swimming pool renovation

Give a face lift to your old swimming pool!

Year after year your pool is getting older and sooner or later renovation work will be necessary. TPM Piscines Services has solutions to breath new life into your old swimming pool. We can undertake a large variety of modifications and improvements or even put you in touch with business partners with expertise that we may not have.

Types of work undertaken

  • New liner and PVC membrane
  • Renovation of polyester pools
  • Change of skimmers and pipe work
  • New filtration installations


Repairs ! Quick and easy

Our technicians are available to find and repair most problems in record time as long as parts are available. 

  • Electrical faults
  • Noisy and faulty pumps
  • Small leaks in filtration systems in pool house
  • And many others


Leak detection!

Is your pool leaking? Our expertise in leak detection which we've been carrying out since 2005, and our specialised tools, allow us to find pool leaks rapidly. Our special protocol helps us to be precise and efficient.

  • Types of tests: visual, air and water pressure test, camera and audio
  • Types of leak: filtration and pipe systems (skimmer, backflow, vacuum point, pipes, connectors etc..) and in pool structure.